About the author

This is the work of a typical, basically educated, straight-shooting Kiwi bloke who believes that due to a lack of commonsense and accountability, the near future is going to be tough for us!

Am I That Stupid? (2009)

In his words “ These ramblings of mine, reinforced by Buffett’s observations, will, I hope, at least give one of you something to extract to write on my tombstone. And if only one person ponders deeply on any of the observations and comments I have made, and it has the effect of improving their life even in a minor way, it will have all be worthwhile.”

From Viking Warriors To Kiwi Bushmen (2013)

After a fluke discovery about a missing link in his family tree and following on from the success of his first book ‘Am I That Stupid’ the author, a typical ‘down to earth’ kiwi bloke unravels his paternal lineage. These revelations illustrate the amazing fortitude and work ethics of his Viking forebears who along with many others helped develop New Zealand into a prosperous and thriving nation. But alas, the ‘we want it now’ mindset is jeopardizing that!